MÜV Fitness Total Fitness Solutions

Training with the tools you need to achieve permanent weight loss and achieve your fitness goals.

The Fast Track to the Best You with MÜV Fitness.

One-on-One Personal Training

  • Individual Program Design
  • Progressive Programming
  • Nutrition Coaching
  • Safe Results-Focused Workouts
  • Professional Assistance & Accountability

Team Training with MFZ

  • Burn 500-900 Calories in 60 Minutes
  • Motivating Team Environment
  • Smart Target Heart Rate Training
  • Enhanced Calorie Burn 36 Hours after Workout

Find Your Zone with MFZ

Burn 500-900 calories in an hour in this high-energy heart rate monitored team training class. This class will ignite your metabolism during class and keep it elevated for 36 hours after. This motivating team environment will get you in your zone.