Got an excuse for avoiding yoga? It’s o.k. if you do. Lots of folks talk themselves out of trying yoga, let alone practicing it regularly. “I’m not flexible enough.” “I’m not built like a yogi.” “It’s too expensive.” “I don’t have time.” Sound familiar? Those aren’t reasons. Those are excuses. And, those excuses can be squashed if you give Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga a chance. Adriene isn’t trying to sell you a darn thing. She just wants to share what she knows.

If You Still Need a Nudge, Here Are 6 Reasons Why Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga is Awesome:


1) It’s a Free Way to Build Your Fitness Toolbox

You’ll learn boatloads of poses (like the boat) from which to choose. Whether you’re a beginner or a long-time yogi, you are sure to take away new functional movements or be reminded of some long lost pose, philosophy or flow

2) You Can Do This Equipment-Free Program Anywhere

Yup! It’s super easy. All you need is space – about a 10×10 foot area.

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30 days of yoga

Photo // Yoga With Adriene

3) 30-Days of Yoga is Appropriate for Anyone

Don’t know a downward dog from a pigeon? (Well, you do, but not in the yoga sense, right?) You’ll learn! Or maybe you already have a daily yoga practice. Great! Adriene demonstrates moves for beginners and points regular practitioners to links demonstrating more advanced options.

4) There is No Judgment

The advantage to doing it alone is that there’s no competition. It doesn’t matter what you wear or how far you bend. You can pause and take a break from the action of the video whenever you need.

5) You Can Do a Session When it is Convenient for You

You don’t have to drive anywhere or wait for an instructor. All you need is access to YouTube and space.

6) You DO Have Time!

The minutes you put in will pay off with interest. 12-30 minutes a day is all you need to take the journey. You could spend 30-bucks on a facemask and 30 minutes putting it on and waiting for it to dry in an attempt to look fresher. Or, you could spend a handful of minutes with Adriene to learn how yoga can improve your complexion by promoting circulation, rejuvenation, better sleep and more. 30 Days of Yoga can help you cope with emotional stress, improve heart function, spinal health and relieve joint pain. Think of the time you won’t spend in a doc’s waiting room and the time you will spend doing the things you like!

The Bottom Line is This:

Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga is physically and mentally empowering. It will prepare you to continue to practice yoga on your own or enable you to walk into any yoga class with confidence. 30 Days of Yoga will improve your balance, strength, and stability – body, mind, and soul.

*Featured Image Photo // Yoga With Adriene

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