This time of year, it can be tempting just to wrap up in blankets on the couch and eat every treat you have left in the house. Let’s be honest, the last thing most of us feel like doing when it’s winter time is exercising– we’d much rather spend quality time with our family and friends.

But there is a way you can stay active without having to sacrifice time with your family… Get them to join in!

Before you think I’ve gone crazy and that I’m suggesting you drag your children to the gym against their will, I’m talking about finding active days for all of you to do something fun together.

Here are a few FUN Ways to Motivate Your Family


Go SWIM!- Indoors, of course

Motivate Your FamilyObviously, it’s far too cold to swim outdoors at this time of year, but why not get the family together and go for a swim at any of the local swimming pools!? Swimming is a great form of exercise, and the whole family can have fun messing around in the pool. If you make it fun, then you’ll find everyone wants to stay for longer, and you will all be doing far more than just sitting at home on the couch.


Twirl Around with Ice Skating

Ice skating is a lovely thing to do all together – even if you’re not the best at it. If you’re lucky enough to have a free outdoor ice rink nearby then that’s awesome, so go as much as you like! If you do have to use an indoor rink then, you could make it a special family day out. And the best part – it’s not just a fun day out keeping you all active, it’s also a great chance for all of you to learn a new skill (or an opportunity to improve your skills).


Plan a Treasure Hunt, MATEY! 

Motivate Your FamilyThis is a fab way to get off the couch even on a rainy day because you don’t even need to leave the house (but you will still be moving around). Take some time to write a few treasure hunt clues and hide them around the house with each clue revealing the location of the next one, finally ending up at the site of the treasure. The treasure could be anything you choose, so it’s your chance to get creative. This also works brilliantly outdoors in your garden, as long as it’s not windy. If your children are older and don’t fancy this, then you could always try actual orienteering or geocaching.



Spend a SUNNY Day at the Park

This might seem like a stupid suggestion because – duh – we do that all the time with our children. But you can make it so much more fun than a usual trip to the park. How? Well first of all, instead of just you taking your children, why not invite the rest of your family and friends, as well as your children’s friends, and make a day of it?

Plan a load of fun things to do – you could have a big family and friends game of baseball or football, or even just frisbee! You could also play a game of park bingo – to do this you draw up a grid on some paper putting each item/animal/flower, etc. you’ll see at the park in a separate box on the grid. As the children spot each item on the bingo checklist, they get to tick it off until they have ticked every item off. You can also make a bingo list to take on a family hike for another day off the couch, with the proper gear of course!

Get creative and think up some more ways you can make even a day at home more fun than just sitting on the couch – a few other ideas you could try are having a craft day, baking day or even having a fun family version of a mini dance off in the lounge.

Whatever you decide to do this winter, make sure you keep moving! Let us know in the comments below some of your favorite winter activities that keep you moving.