Eating a fast, fresh vegan breakfast to kick-off your day doesn’t have to involve hours of planning and preparation. It’s easy to get a well-rounded plant-based breakfast without breaking your budget or taxing your time. In fact, many people eat vegan breakfasts without even trying!

Check out these seven options that taste great and provide well-balanced meals on their own or can come together as a beautiful, nutritious spread when you host your pals for brunch. The recipes below incorporate items vegans, and some omnivores keep around as staples.

You’re Set All Week Long: 7 Vegan Breakfasts

vegan breakfasts1) Avocado on Toast with Tomato

It takes less than 5 minutes to whip up this simple, yet delicious bite to eat. Mash avocado with a little salt and garlic. Spread it on fiber filled toast with a fresh tomato on top. You’ll get a hit of Vitamin C, A, fatty acids and more to start your day off right. The toast pairs well with the vegan eggs below. “This Gal Cooks” has a recipe you can follow.

2) Vegan Scrambled “Eggs”

Sometimes stand-ins for animal-based foods when trying to work proteins into a vegan diet become big fat fails. However, when it comes to scrambled eggs, using tofu renders the consistency and look of scrambled eggs with fantastic flavor. The tofu in this recipe provides protein, while the turmeric helps your body fight inflammation.

3) Vegan Rice and Beans

Rice and beans take time to make. But, the payoff is grand. The good thing about Rice and Beans is that you can make a recipe when you have time and eat it for any meal- breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s the right balance of protein, fiber, Vitamins, minerals and carbs for many individuals. Add a squeeze of lime, and you’ll get an added boost of Vitamin C. “No Meat Athlete” presents some interesting variations on the simple dish.

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4) Smoothies, of course!

Quickly blended smoothies are quick, filling breakfast food. Here’s a list of ideas.

5) Oatmeal with Berries and Nuts

If you have oatmeal on hand, you have the bases for a well-rounded, satisfying bowl of plant-based yum! Add any sort of fruit- dried or fresh- to your bowl with a milk substitute. Use your favorite sweetener. “Oh, She Glows” has a good 5 Minute Oatmeal recipe.

6) Sweet Potato Pancakes

You might not have sweet potatoes lying around. Yams can substitute. If you don’t have either, get some! They are packed with Vitamins B, C, A, beta-carotene and fiber and they stand up to long term storage. Sweet potatoes and yams can add texture and sweetness to a variety of recipes including this one for scrumptious Vegan Sweet Potato Pancakes.

7) Vegan French Toast

Yes, please! Find some vegan bread at the grocery and go to town dipping and cooking these marvelous morsels. French toast is a tasty vehicle for toppings like strawberries, blueberries, bananas and more. Add cinnamon to boost your body’s ability to fight inflammation. You can’t go wrong with Vegan French Toast!


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