Finding your perfect partner means finding that special someone to share your life with: someone to create the good times and help you through the bad. Sharing in each other’s interests builds a loving bond between partners. And if your interests involve smashing goals and seeking ‘dem gains, then working out together with these 3 Valentine’s Day buddy exercises is guaranteed to fast track you to true love in no time (disclaimer: this is not a guarantee)

It’s ok if you haven’t found that special someone just yet. You can still do these exercises bae-less; be it with a co-worker, brother, sister, or someone treading water in the friend-zone – working out is for everybody! Ok, it’s time to wrap up with the chitchat and get going with your Valentine’s Day buddy.

Share in the Gains with 3 of the Sweetest Valentine’s Day Buddy Exercises

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1) Sit-Up Medicine Ball Pass

  • Sit down on the ground facing your partner so that your ankles are in-line or
    interlaced – interlacing your ankles with your partner’s will provide you both with
    added support during the movement
  • Lay down flat with your knees bent, holding the medicine ball tight to your chest
  • Perform a sit up and as you reach the top position pass the ball to your partner
  • Do another sit up at the same time as your partner, this time without the ball
  • As you come up to the top position be ready to once again to receive the ball on your chest and repeat the process

2) Push-Up to High 5

  • Get into the push-up position on the ground and face your partner, keeping an arm’s length distance between foreheads
  • Perform a push-up
  • As you reach the top position, take your right hand off the ground and high five your partner while balancing on your left
  • Repeat the process, this time high fiving with the left hand

3) Bodyweight Partner Supported Squats

    • Stand and face your partner
    • Grab hold of each other’s hands
    • Perform a simultaneous squat now while pushing your butt back as far as you can
    • Holding on to your partner’s arms as you both squat will give you the support needed to learn and shoot your hips backward

Putting It All Together

Valentine's Day Buddy

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