You’re reading this which means YOU’RE AWAKE! Now, how about waking up your metabolism too? In addition to sleeping adequately (7-8 hours), exercising and building muscle mass, there are some easy ways to give your metabolism a boost in the first hour after you wake.

It’s important to get your metabolism going within the first hour upon waking up in the morning. Here are some practical suggestions on how you can do that.

5 Things To Get Your Metabolism Going In the Morning

1) Drink a Glass of Water

Keep a glass (16 ounces) beside your bed to drink while you find your slippers. Or, heat a cup of water and add lemon to it for a vitamin-rich hydration boost. Good hydration means better metabolism.

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Drinking water helps flush your organs and aids the body’s efforts to burn fat. Good hydration will also enhance mental clarity, lubricate joints and enable you to move more efficiently during your workout later, which is always good for your metabolism.

2) Stretch

morning metabolismDo gentle active stretches for 5-10 minutes before leaving your bedroom. Anything that increases blood flow throughout your body will help rev things up. If you have a Yoga Vinyasa, that will work. If not, try some ankle circles, a downward dog, a few calf raises, and some simple squats for five minutes.

You’re not going to burn a bunch of calories, but stretching first thing in the morning will prepare your body for increased movement and ready your joints for an active day. It will also grant you the mental clarity for the next suggestion on the list.

3) Meditate or Set Intentions for the Day

You don’t have to spend a bunch of time doing this. But, the few minutes you do spend organizing your thoughts will save you time later. Writing down your intentions, in addition to thinking about them, can help. A list can keep you organized and give you the satisfaction of checking things off as you do them.

Let one of the intentions be to work in your workout! Remember, this is about boosting your metabolism. Committing daily to exercise will help you focus and get it done. The other upside to taking a few minutes to meditate and focus is that it can help reduce stress, which means lower cortisol levels and a faster metabolism.

4) Break the Fast and EAT!

It doesn’t have to be a big bite, but eating small meals and snacks during the day can help some individuals maintain healthy metabolism better than sitting down to three big meals a day.

5) Workout!

You’ve done all the prep. You’ve slept, hydrated, got your blood flowing, set the intention to workout and ate a little something. Go ahead and get in a morning workout if you can! That way you won’t worry about squeezing it in later and upping that metabolism slowing cortisol levels with stress. Or, stick with the intentions you set in the morning and get moving later. Just make sure to work in some vigorous exercise during your day to keep your engine running.

Ultimately, eating healthy, reducing stress, getting adequate sleep and regular exercise are your best bets to keeping your metabolism humming along. Simple steps like the ones above can go a long way to creating a lifetime of healthy metabolism boosting habits.

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